How to add Rooms or Resources?

PocketSuite makes it easy to keep track of the Resources you use for appointments. You can attach them directly to services, classes, and reservations, so they’ll automatically be assigned to new bookings. It cuts down the time and energy you spend figuring out if you have enough rooms or equipment available to complete your appointments for the day. This is a must-have if you use kennels, rooms, vans, or other equipment to run your business.

To get started, make sure you have Resources toggled on in Settings > Features.

Generally, the Resources feature works like this: start by creating your resources. Next, create your resource groups and assign them to specific services. Resource groups contain all the similar resources which could be assigned to a specific type of service. For example, a massage therapist might create a group called Rooms. Once you assign groups to services, you're all set! When you or your clients schedule, one resource from each required group will be automatically assigned to the booking. 

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Add a resource

To create your first resource, go to Settings > Resources.



Then tap Add a resource. 

Pro tip: Have resources you want imported? Reach out to us at with your list of resources and we can import them for you! 

Here, you can add the name of the resource and set its Capacity. The capacity determines the maximum amount of clients that can book the same resource at the exact same time. 


Important: For most resources, the Capacity will always be 1. Do not use the capacity setting for the number of resources you have in total, only for the number of clients who can book the same resource at the same time. For example, if you have 10 rooms and each room can fit two clients, you should create 10 separate resources (one for each room) and the capacity for each should be 2.



You can also choose specific days of the week the resource will be available if they’re different from your regular business availability.



Be sure to select a photo to make it easier to distinguish your resources.



Now, you’re ready to add your resources to a group!


Create a resource group

You can add similar resources to a resource group and attach that resource group directly to your services. Resource groups are how you assign resources to bookings. For example, if a service requires a room and you have 10 rooms, create a Resource group called “Rooms” and attach it to that service to allow one of those 10 rooms to be assigned to each booking.  


To create a resource group, go to Settings>Resource groups. 



Tap the plus sign [+] at the top of the screen to create a new resource group. 


Add a name for your resource group, and then tap Resources to add the resources you already made to that group.


Tap Done. You can also color-coordinate resource groups to make them easier to identify on your calendar heat map and during scheduling. Colors are assigned automatically so each one is unique, but you’re able to change them as you see fit. When you’re ready, hit Save.


You now have a new resource group!


Attach resources to services

You can assign Resource Groups to services, classes, and reservations that require one or more of your resources to be completed. When you or your clients schedule an appointment with the required resources attached, the capacity of those resources will automatically be updated to reflect the new booking. This helps you keep track of how many of your resources are actually available.

To get started, create or edit a service, class, or reservation and then select Resource Requirements.



Select up to three resource groups. One resource from each selected group will be assigned during booking.  Clients booking online will not be able to book a time slot unless all resource requirements can be met. 


Pro tip: The vast majority of services will only require one resource. Resources do affect your availability to be booked, so think carefully about what resources are required. 



Remember to tap Done and Save.



And you’re all set! 


Schedule an appointment with a resource requirement

To get started, go to schedule a client as usual. On the schedule client screen, pick a client and select a service with a required resource. Then tap Availability to choose a time and date for the appointment. 



Here, you will be able to select an open time slot, team member, or resource. One resource from each resource group will be selected automatically when you choose a team member or time slot, but you can also choose the resources manually. We assign resources automatically so you don’t have to think about it unless you need to choose a specific resource!

When you’re ready, tap Done to schedule the client. 


Finish filling out the scheduling form, then tap Next.



Your chosen resources will appear on the scheduling summary and invoice. Save the appointment or send it to your client for confirmation.



And your booking is set! The capacity of each assigned resource will be updated. 



Note: If a client books you online, one resource from each required resource group will be chosen automatically. In this case, our system will typically assign the resource that has the least amount of bookings that day. If all of your resources in that resource group are at capacity, the appointment cannot be booked.  


You can also filter your calendar to see what bookings are assigned to a specific resource! On the calendar, tap the Filter icon in the upper right. You’ll see a row called “Resources” which allows you to select as many resources as you would like. This will show you only the bookings assigned to that resource as well as any blocks created for that resource. 


Taking a resource offline

Inevitably resources need to be taken offline sometimes, whether for cleaning and maintenance or if it’s being used for something not on your calendar. When creating a block, you’ll see a field called Type. To block a resource, set the type to Resource and then tap the Resource field below. You can select any resource to block off that resource for however long you wish. Resource blocks work the same way as blocks on your calendar. For the duration of the block, clients will not be able to book that resource, but they’ll be able to schedule that resource for any time beyond that block. 


Pro tip: As a Super Admin, you can also use this to block off the calendars of other team members. This capability has moved from the Team dashboard to the calendar to make the process that much easier! 



  1. What is the purpose of resource groups? 

    Resource groups are how resources are assigned to services, classes, and reservations. Most services require just one resource, but there are multiple to choose from. By grouping resources, the system knows which resources to choose from. For example you might have both private and group training rooms. You can create groups for both types and require them for the applicable services. Groups also enable you to manage multiple requirements, such as a service which requires both a room and a piece of equipment. You can create separate groups for rooms and equipment and then add multiple requirements to that service.

  2. Do I have to use groups?

    Yes, groups are required even if you only have a few resources. This ensures that the system can automatically assign the right resources to your bookings. Once you’ve set up your resource requirements, the system will always auto-assign resources to bookings so you don’t have to think about it. Of course, you can always manually select a different resource when scheduling if desired.

  3. Does the color coding of resource groups change the color coding on my calendar?

    No, the color coding of resource groups only appears when you’re scheduling appointments on the availability screen. The resource group color helps ensure that your resource requirements are met for that service. Resource group colors will never appear on the calendar once appointments are scheduled. When you schedule, you’ll see resources highlighted corresponding to the requirement that resource fulfills. If you add additional resources to a booking on top of what’s required, or if a resource only fulfills a requirement that’s already been met, you’ll see that resource highlighted in green just like team members.

  4. How do resources work with classes? 

    In a class, resources are assigned to each individual client. For example if you offer fitness classes that require special equipment like reformers, treadmills, rowing machines, etc., you can create resources for each piece of equipment and require them for classes. When clients are booked into the class, each client will be assigned an equipment resource. This system helps you manage limited resources, particularly when multiple classes and/or private sessions may be booked at the same time, ensuring you don’t get overbooked. 

  5. Why are resources automatically assigned when I’m booking?

    Resources are automatically assigned so that you don’t have to think about it! We’ve designed a sophisticated algorithm to determine the best resource for each time slot based on a variety of factors having to do with your availability, recent bookings, and how many resource requirements there are for a given service. Most importantly, the system looks for the resource with the greatest availability that day and with the greatest amount of time between that booking and any other bookings for that resource. We recommend going with the auto-assigned resource whenever possible, although you can always change it.  

  6. Will my clients be required to select resources?

    No, your clients will never see resources when booking, viewing appointment confirmations, or viewing their appointments in the client app. Resources are entirely internal for you and your team members. When clients book online or through the client app, resources will be automatically assigned to the booking based on the resource requirements for that service.
  7. Can I assign a resource to a service without setting a resource requirement?

    No, you must set a resource requirement in order to assign resources to that service. If you book appointments without adding services, you can assign a resource to that appointment.

  8. If a resource is available, but I am not, will I still get booked?

    No! Your availability and the availability of your team members are extremely important. Even if there are resources available for a given time slot, if no eligible team members are available to staff that appointment, the time will not be available to schedule.

  9. Can I assign resources to Packages or Subscriptions? What about tasks?

    Resources can only be assigned to bookable items with a duration such as services, classes, and reservations. At this time, resources cannot be added to packages, subscriptions, tasks, gift certificates, or other types of items. Please share how you would like to use that capability so we can better support your business in the future!

  10. Why would I create multiple resource requirements?

    Most services should only have one resource requirement. Some businesses offer services that require multiple, such as a room and a piece of equipment. In these cases, you can create multiple resource requirements so both the room and equipment must be available to schedule the service.

  11. How does the resource capacity work?

    The resource capacity is the number of clients who can be booked for the exact same resource at the exact same time. For example, a large dog kennel can sometimes fit two dogs at the same time. Most resources will only have a capacity of one.

  12. If I have multiple identical resources, can I just create one and increase the capacity?

    We recommend you create one resource for each physical resource (room, equipment, van, table, kennel, bath, sauna, hot tub, etc.) that you have. This allows you to do two important things. First, if a resource needs to be taken offline for any reason, such as maintenance, you cannot adjust its capacity to take it offline. You can only create blocks for the entire resource, so if you only have one resource you will need to block the entire resource. Second, by creating separate resources, you can see which specific resource a booking is assigned to on the booking record, giving you visibility on which client is assigned to which room as an example.

  13. How do I take a resource offline?

    You can create resource blocks directly from the calendar by tapping the plus button > Block out time. Tap the Type field and select Resources. Below you’ll see a field called Resources where you can select the resource you’d like to block. This lets you block a resource for only a specific amount of time, ensuring clients can still book that resource further in the future. For this reason, we don’t recommend deleting resources or removing them from resource groups unless you want to take the resource offline permanently.

  14. Can I do an export of my Resource list?

    At this time we do not have an export for the resource list. Please let us know what you would like to do with your export and what information you would like included so our product team can use your feedback to look at supporting this in the future. 

  15. Can I export my Resource assignments/bookings for a particular period?

    While you can export your bookings directly from the app under Settings > Data export, the resource is not currently included in that export. Please let us know how you would use this data and if there’s any additional information you would like included. We will share this feedback with our product team so they can look at supporting this in the future.

  16. Can I see my assigned resources for an appointment on my synced calendar?

    The resource is not included in the information synced with external calendars as there is not a corresponding field to directly sync the information to. Our product team continues to look for ways to improve the calendar sync feature and work with our partners to better support information such as resources. We will share your feedback with our team!




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