How do I transfer from Vagaro to PocketSuite?

Switching the system you use to run your business may seem daunting, but at PocketSuite, we make the onboarding process as quick and easy as possible! Our Imports Team is always ready to help you bring over data from other platforms, just follow these steps below!

Step 1: Setup Your PocketSuite Account

All you need is a phone number and 15 minutes to be up and running on PocketSuite!

  1. Download PocketSuite from the App Store or Google Play or you can signup online from your Desktop or tablet.
  2. Create a new PocketSuite account using your phone number.
  3. Schedule a Welcome Call with an expert on our Customer Success Team who will walk you through setting up your account and assist you with importing your client list, service list, appointments, and much more!

Step 2: Decide what you would like switched over

PocketSuite can help you import all of your business data so you never feel like you’re starting from scratch. Here you will find a list of the information we can import for you.

Step 3: Download your data from Vagaro

PocketSuite offers many features designed to make your life easier and to grow your business. Currently, Vagaro supports the export of your client list, service list, and active packages, and active memberships and subscriptions. Below is a quick guide to how you can access that information and then send them to PocketSuite at so that we can import them for you. Easy peasy!

  • Client List: To export your clients from Vagaro, select Reports > Customers > Advanced Filters. Press Select All to include all clients from all employees. From here, click Run Report and scroll to the bottom and press Print to export an Excel file.
  • Service List: To export your service list from Vagaro, you will need to process a separate export for each employee. To do so, select Settings > Employee Profiles, then decide which employee to export and press Services. From here, click the Download Icon on the right-hand side to download an Excel file.
  • Active Packages: To export your active packages from Vagaro, select Reports. Under Customers, click Packages and set the filters for the date range and type of package you would like to export. Click Run Report, scroll to the bottom, then press Print to download an Excel file.
  • Active Memberships and Subscriptions: To export your active memberships and subscriptions from Vagaro, click Reports. Under Customers, click Memberships and set the date range and type of membership you would like to export. Click Run Report, scroll to the bottom, then press Print to download an Excel file.

You can find the Client List Import Template here and Service List Import Template here. Note: If you have a website where you list your services, just share your website address and we’ll pull your services into PocketSuite for you.


Step 4: Email PocketSuite and Start Booking Clients!

Once you’ve exported everything you need, send those CSV files along to where our imports team will upload the data to your account! Be sure to include your name and phone number and if you have any questions, you can reach out to the PocketSuite team directly through the app!

Not able to export some of your data? No problem! You can easily fill out one of our import templates and send it along to and we will add it to your account for you! Here is a list of our available templates below:

To import custom form(s) and contract(s), just email the document directly to You can send a PDF, WordDoc, GoogleDoc, or a link to your form(s) and contract(s) online and we’ll import it into PocketSuite for you.

Your success is important to us and we find that fully onboarded Pros on average see a 30% increase in income. So give yourself a raise by scheduling a welcome call today and see the power of PocketSuite’s tools for yourself! We are excited to welcome you to the PocketSuite network and help you grow your business!

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