Minimum Gratuity

Minimum gratuity allows you to require clients to add a minimum amount of gratuity to all bookings. If you are in industries where gratuity is to your income, minimum gratuity is a great way to ensure that your clients pay you for what your time is worth while still giving them the option to tip even more! 


The minimum gratuity setting only applies to bookings for services, classes, and reservations. The minimum gratuity does not apply to purchases of packages, subscriptions, and gift certificates or the payment of invoices or estimates, although clients can still add gratuity to any of those items. See our full article on gratuity to learn more. 


If you're ready to set a minimum gratuity, head to Settings  > Gratuity to get started. You will see a field called "Minimum gratuity" which allows you to set the minimum. You can still set a suggested amount as well, so for example you can require a minimum of 5% but still suggest 20%. 




When a minimum gratuity amount is set, the Request Gratuity setting will be automatically set to "At booking and final checkout" and cannot be changed. This is because the client needs to know the full amount they will be required to pay at the time of booking. Whenever clients book online or confirm appointments you send they will be prompted to set a gratuity amount based on your suggested amount but not below the minimum. Gratuity is never charged until completing the appointment, even if there is a deposit. The client can still adjust the gratuity amount higher at final checkout. 


Here's what your clients will see at checkout: 

In this example, there is a minimum gratuity of 10%, a suggested gratuity of 20%, and the cost of the service is $260. When the client lands on the gratuity screen, they see options based around their suggested gratuity, but if the client tries to add a custom amount they're warned that the gratuity must be at least $26 (10%).



Once you have set the minimum gratuity amount, you're all done! When clients are booking or confirming appointments, they will be required to leave at least your minimum gratuity. When you and your team members are charging clients for their bookings, you will not be forced to add the minimum to give you more flexibility. 

Note: If you are using the larger WisePOSe card reader with the built-in gratuity screen, you will not be able to enforce a minimum gratuity on transactions.





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