How can I add events from my device calendar to my PocketSuite calendar?

Connecting your appointments from your personal device calendar to Pocketsuite is a great way to prevent any double bookings and to ensure you never miss another appointment. 

If you have a Google Calendar, you can easily connect your calendar through our integration. Tap on settings > calendar sync > "Connect calendars to Pocketsuite". Follow the prompts to properly connect your Google Calendar to Pocketsuite. You can even connect more than one Google Calendar.

If you have any other calendar you want connected, you can:

1) Connect the external calendars to sync to a Google Calendar, then use the integration or

2) Use the "other calendars" option to connect other calendars like outlook, apple calendar, etc. 

Once your calendars have connected, tap on the calendar icon to view your device calendar appointments on Pocketsuite. 

Learn more about calendar sync here

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