Cash Out Your PocketSuite Balance Instantly

Automated payouts are processed from 12 pm Pacific Time till about 1 pm Pacific Time on weekdays, and the funds are available in your bank account on file the next business day (regular deposits are not made available in your account on weekends or bank holidays). Need the funds deposited faster?

If you have an instant eligible debit card (under Settings > Payment methods, such cards have a yellow flash symbol next to them), you can get your funds faster for an additional 1% (minimum $1) fee. To do this, go to Pending Payouts from the home screen, and you should see a green button that says cash out with a dollar amount. Tap it, and you'll be able to authorize the cash-out! You should see the amount in your bank account within about 15 minutes. Voila!

Alternatively, you can turn on Daily instant payouts (under Settings > Payouts), and an automated instant payout (same additional fee) will be processed at 12 pm Pacific on weekdays - however, the funds will be in your account within minutes instead of the next business day.


If your client pays by ACH bank transfer, instead of a debit or credit card, note that the funds take 5-7 days to clear before being processed for a payout. You can look up any deposits sent to you in your Deposits dashboard.

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