Scheduled Messages

PocketSuite makes it super easy to send a client a message at a later date or time. Whether you want to avoid waking them while you're burning the midnight oil or they don't need the info until closer to their appointment time, we've got you covered! Be sure the feature is on in settings. Go to features > scheduled messages > save to enable it. We do encourage you to read our article on Saved Messages before you begin.

Once that's done, you'll be able to access the templates from within any message. It's the icon that looks like an envelope with a calendar. Select a template or create a new one on the fly by tapping +. You'll then be able to select the template, and tap into the date & time field.

Your clients won't be bothered by a text in the night, but you won't have to remember tomorrow to send them that message that popped into your mind at midnight!

If you'd like more detail on this feature, check out the instructional video on this feature below:

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