Repeat Appointments

PocketSuite allows you to easily schedule your clients for multiple appointments at once by using our Repeat Appointments feature.  Make sure the feature is on in Settings > Features > Repeat Appointments > Save.

In this article:

Schedule a repeat appointment.

To get started, go to your home dashboard and tap Schedule. Then, pick the client and services you want for the appointment. Select Availability to choose a time slot for the appointment. 



To make it a recurring appointment, hit the Repeat button at the top of your screen.


You can then customize when, how often, and how long the appointment will repeat. 


Hit Done. 


Now, you can finish filling out your scheduling form. 



Note: If your appointments require confirmation, your client will confirm the entire series of appointments at once. If they put a card on file, you'll be able to charge it each time this appointment occurs. 

Pro Tip: Turn on repeat appointments in settings to unlock repeat calendar blocks. Tap + from the Calendar > Block out time to create a calendar block.

Check out this setup video:

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