Scheduled Invoices

PocketSuite makes it easy to get paid on a recurring basis with Scheduled Invoices. If you don't want to set your client up on a subscription, you can automate your workflow and put the responsibility for payment in their hands with a scheduled invoice. Be sure the setting is on- go to settings > features > scheduled invoices > save.

Once it's on, you'll create an invoice as normal- tap Request on the homepage of the app and enter the client info and total or items. You'll now have a new field that says "schedule invoice".


In this screen, you can choose a start date for us to send the first invoice and how frequently you'd like them sent (daily, weekly, yearly, etc.). You can choose how many invoices to send (ideally continuous forever!) and if you'd like to attach any appointments to the invoice. If you choose to invoice appointments, on the date of the invoice, the system will collate any outstanding past and future appointments and send to the client for payment.


If you'd prefer to view these instructions in a video, check out this tutorial video on this feature:


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