How to Get Started on PocketSuite

Howdy, Pro! We're super excited to welcome you to PocketSuite. Wondering where to begin? Here are a few first steps to get you on the road to success:


1. Services come first

I bet you've got great services to offer to your clients- let's get them in your app so you can book them! First, go to settingsservices > tap + and fill out the rest- tap save. Maybe you offer classes? In that case, go to settings > classes > tap +.

Protip: Try putting your services into categories so your online booking widget looks more streamlined!  

2. Add some clients

There are three ways to get your client list into PocketSuite:

  • By tapping the client icon in the top right corner of the app,
  • Going to settings > data import to add from your phone list,
  • Or you can email us your contact list to 👌

Protip: You can also add extra client info like credit card number when you tap +.

3. Get set up to get paid

Payouts happen at noon Pacific time daily. If you'd like your funds available faster, just tap cash out and you'll have them instantly deposited within 15 minutes of processing a payment.

Set yourself up to be ready by entering your bank account and putting a card on file in settings > payment methods

Protip: We always recommend non-refundable deposits or a cancellation policy to protect your precious time.

4. Set up a test appointment with a friend

Schedule your first appointment so you can see how it's done. Go to the calendar > tap + > schedule client

Protip: Editing the Send Via field allows you control over how the client is notified- feel free to change it to "don't notify" for this test appointment!

5. Process a payment

Not sure where to begin? Check out the ten ways to process payments on PocketSuite.

Protip: Reach out to us in the app at any time if you need help with payments or anything else!


Bonus: Set up online booking

Check out our Premium plans so you can sit back and relax while your clients take care of their own booking and payments. Add your schedule to settings > scheduling and then your clients will be able to see your schedule and choose a time you've specified for that service.

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