How can I block out time from my calendar?

Calendar blocks allow you to prevent bookings when you won’t be available during your regular hours. It’s a convenient option if you need to take a lunch break or go on vacation. Team members can also have calendar blocks.

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Add a block to your calendar

To get started, go to your calendar and find the day when you’d like to add the blog. 

Tap the blue “+” button at the bottom of your screen.  Select Block out time. 


Fill out the block menu with a title, date & time, and duration for the block. 


Note: The title is not visible to clients. They will only see that this time slot is not available to be booked (greyed out). 



You can also choose to repeat the block if you have Repeat Appointments toggled on in Settings.


Pro Tip: If you're only available sometimes on a certain day of the week, then create a repeating block for that day and just remove the blocks on the days you are available. For example, if you typically don't work Mondays, you'll want to turn on Mondays under settings > scheduling. Tap on the calendar to create a repeating block to block the Mondays you don't work. If you decide to work a Monday for whatever reason (such as for a popular holiday coming up), you can tap on the Monday you will be working and unblock that date by deleting the block for that date. 

And you’re all set! The block will appear on your calendar. Use blocks for vacation time, dentist appointments, or to create a customized schedule for yourself. 


View team member blocks

If you have team members, they can also create their own blocks. In order to reduce clutter, these blocks don’t appear on the Super Admin calendar by default.

To view your Team Member’s blocks, simply tap the filter icon in the upper right corner > tap on Pros > select the team member’s calendar you would like to view > tap Apply > tap Apply again > see the team member’s calendar. 


Once you’ve filtered for a team member (or team members) you’ll see only the appointments they're assigned to as well as the blocks and calendar sync events that are on their calendar. 

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