What do the lights on my card reader mean?


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The BBPOS Chipper 2X BT is a handheld reader for use with mobile applications. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) to connect to the Stripe Terminal SDK on a mobile device. This reader is compatible with iOS and Android SDKs. 

Turning the reader on and off
To turn on the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT, press and release the power button. The status light turns on to show it has power and turns off after 5 minutes if it doesn't connect to a bluetooth device. 

When the reader is connected to a device running your PocketSuite app, the status light shines steady blue. If inactive for more than 30 seconds, it enters standby mode to conserve power, and the status light begins flashing at 5-second intervals. The reader stays connected to your iOS or Android device while in standby and automatically exits standby mode when you resume activity. The reader automatically turns off after 10 hours of inactivity.

To turn the reader off manually, press and hold the power button until the status light goes out. You don’t need to turn off the reader to conserve power.

Status light
Whenever the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT is turned on, the LED located beside the power button shows the reader’s current status. Below is the meaning of each light option.

None: The reader is off.
Flashing blue every second: The reader is on and ready to connect to a device. (Will turn off after 5 min.)
Multicolored flashing: The reader has been discovered using Bluetooth Proximity and is ready to connect.
Steady blue: The reader is connected to a device.
Flashing blue every 5 seconds: The reader is in standby mode. (Will remain in standby indefinitely.)
Alternating red and magenta: The reader is charging.
Flashing red: The reader’s battery is low.
Rapidly flashing blue and orange: The reader has finished installing a software update. If the reader is unresponsive after the update completes, restart the reader by turning it off and on.

Charging the reader
To charge the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT, use the included micro USB cable. The USB port does not work for connecting the reader to a device—it’s only for charging.

Updating reader software
You must support updating the BBPOS Chipper 2X BT from your app. The reader cannot update itself. 

In PocketSuite, you'll get a notification that an update is available, show whether the update is required, and provide a button to continue with the update. Not installing a required update can stop a reader from accepting payments.

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