How do I order and setup my card reader?


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This tutorial contains a feature that has been upgraded or removed. To learn how to use the new and improved Card Reader feature to grow your business, go here:

Ordering Your Card Reader

Ordering a card reader is easy! Just head to Settings and under Payments tap Card Readers. Here you will have the option to order however many card readers your business needs and we'll ship them directly to you.

Mobile Setup:

Setting up your new Card Reader POS device is simple! 

Just for additional insight 😀 here are a few Suite Tips and tutorial(s) on how to get started:

If you're running into any connectivity issues please check out our Troubleshooting FAQ page HERE.

Once you have the card reader, make sure to turn on the card reader feature in the app.

Select settings > Features > Card Reader > Toggle on > Save.

To connect your card reader to PocketSuite, make sure to:

1) Keep your card reader turned off. Tap on the Homescreen > tap on Charge. When you are ready to process a charge, select the client's name and enter the amount or select items > tap on charge > select card reader > add a tip (if you have gratuity turned on) > next 

2) You will see a connecting screen. At this step, turn on our card reader by pushing the power button. There is a light on the side of the card reader that should be blinking blue. This means that the device is pairing to the app

3) Once connection is made, you will see a connected screen and the ability to move forward with the charge. You're all ready to accept payments from clients!!

  • Moving forward, Tap Charge > Enter Amount > Add Client > Tap Charge > Auto-magically pair & connect with Card Reader > Tap/Insert/Swipe approved payment type 

Ensure that your card reader is ready to rock and always up-to-date by visiting your card reader details screen.

Settings > Payment > Card Reader > Details Screen (you can also check to see if your device has the latest firmware version, ensuring that you're taking advantage of all the latest abilities and security features).

To learn more about the Point of Sale system (Charge on the home screen) you can check out our Suite Center article here.

Video Walkthrough:


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