With PocketSuite messaging, you can text your clients invoices, appointments, or just regular chat from your business number. Be sure to upgrade to Premium to get your own dedicated business line!

Pro Tip: We've found that invoices sent by text are likely to be paid within 24 hours while those emailed, can take up to 30 days! 

To get to your messages, tap on the messaging icon on the bottom of the screen:



Once there, you can search your messages, start a new one, or tap on any message thread. Tap on Pocketsuite Support for 7 days a week text support!


Then, from the message thread, you can send a message or tap on the + sign to show the most used options > and more for other action items .





To send a link to online booking, a particular service, package, etc, tap on more > links > to get all your links right there.



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