Smart Campaign - Send Lead Form Follow-up

The Send lead form follow-up is an automated campaign that can help convert your prospects into paying customers. This Smart campaign sends messages to new clients who have filled out your Online leads form, so you can follow up with every lead that comes in automatically.

Quick Setup:

To start, let’s turn on Smart campaigns. Tap on the settings icon > features > smart campaign (toggle on).

Next, head to Smart campaigns. From the Home screen > tap Smart campaigns > tap the (+) sign > tap on Send lead form follow-up.

On the next screen, you can adjust the following settings of this Smart Campaign:

  • Label (private) - This is the title that you give this Smart campaign, which is only visible to you.
  • Message - We have included a pre-written message and encourage you to edit it to fit your business and the goal of this campaign. 
  • Promotion - If you want to offer a discount with this campaign, you can set that here. Discounts offered through Smart campaigns are valid for three days after the Smart campaign message is sent.
  • Days since added - This is where you can set the timing of when you want this message sent. Set this to “Send immediately” if you want your leads to receive this message 1-2 minutes after submitting your online form.
  • Stop after lead activation - This is a new toggle for this Smart campaign. If toggled ON, the system will not send this campaign if the lead is already ‘activated’. The criteria for activation are the client making any inbound calls or texts to you after the form is filled out, making any booking, completing any forms or contracts after the day the online leads form is submitted, or processing any payments.

After you have filled out these fields, tap Save in the top right hand corner > and choose Save & launch or Save & edit later. Save & launch will turn this campaign live, while if you choose Save & edit later, the campaign will be saved in your Smart campaigns dashboard as PAUSED. Once live, this Smart campaign is triggered by a new client filling out your Online leads form

Pro Tip:

You can create multiple of the Send lead form follow-up Smart campaigns to create an automatic drip campaign for new clients. For example, you could create a campaign that sends immediately, one that sends after 3 days, one that sends after one week, and one that sends after 10 days to have a series of different messages aimed at converting this lead to a paying customer. The “Stop after lead activation” toggle will stop later messages in this series from sending if the customer takes any action to contact, book, or pay you, so you don’t have to worry about extra messages being sent after you’ve already converted this client. 

And don’t forget to use dynamic fields to add a personal touch to your Smart campaigns!

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