How To Set Up PocketSuite as a Music Teacher

Hey there, Music Pro! So glad you decided to join us here at PocketSuite. Here are a few things you can do to jumpstart your app:

1. Detail your services or classes

Add all the music services offered from one-on-one lessons to group classes and membership packages. That’ll be your first step. Go to settings > services > tap + and go from there. Don’t forget to tap save!


Protip: Add categories for all your varied services to streamline the look of your booking widget. You can also customize the color of the widget to match your website- go to settings > profile to set a primary (header) and secondary (buttons) color.


2. Add your clients

You can add clients three different ways:

-Tap the client icon in the top right corner of the app, then tap +

-Go to settings > data import to add from your phone list

-Email us your contact list to

Protip: On the adding client screen, you can add client credit card info.


3. Add payment info

Put a card on file in settings > payment methods. That way when your clients pay via invoice, deposit, or appointment, you’ll get your daily payout each day at noon Pacific time.

Protip: Set a cancellation policy to protect your valuable time. Most music teachers charge 50% of the lesson if canceled within 24 hours.


4. Add an appointment with a trusted client

Test out scheduling by setting your first appointment on a trusted client or friend. You can do it by going to calendar tap + > schedule client

Protip: Since it’s a test appointment, you can elect not to notify the client by changing the “send via” field.


5. Process your first payment

Check out the ten different ways to get paid fast with PocketSuite. 


Bonus: Set up online booking

We have several great Premium plans that will give you access to all the features to automate your workflow. Add your schedule to settings > scheduling and we’ll take care of the rest. Clients can see your schedule and lessons and book themselves so you can concentrate on helping them ROCK!




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