How To Set Up PocketSuite as a Therapist

Hey Pro! So, you're a therapist, busy helping others. We're glad you decided to join us here at PocketSuite. Here are 3 quick things you can do to get started:

1. Set up your services

So you’ve got therapy services to offer. Your first step is to get those in the app. Go to settings > services > tap + and go from there. Don’t forget to tap save.

Protip: Psychologically, people like odd number groupings. Try breaking your services up into categories with three choices each. Science indicates most people will choose the middle option in a range of three prices!

2. Add some clients

Add your clients by tapping the client icon in the top right corner of the app, go to settings > data import to add from your phone list, or email us your contact list to

Protip: You can also add the client credit card or discount amount when you tap +.

3. Get paid

Be sure to set up your bank account and put a card on file in settings > payment methods. Then, when your clients pay their deposit or the full amount of their service or invoice, you’ll be all set for your payout. Payouts happen at noon Pacific time daily.

Protip: Set non-refundable deposit amounts or a cancellation policy to protect your time.

4. Set up a test appointment with a client

Go ahead and schedule your first appointment to see how it's done. Go to the calendartap + > schedule client. Make sure you have reminders on so clients can get notified before their appointment. Then be sure to also toggle on repeat appointments so clients can set a recurring schedule with you.

Protip: You can change how the client is notified (if at all) by editing the Send Via field. Since this is a test, you can change it to "Don't notify" if you want!

5. Process your first payment

Get the ball rolling- there are ten ways to process payments on PocketSuite. 

Protip: Pros who process their first payment within 24 hours of downloading the app are 24% more successful than those who wait. Reach out to us in the app at any time if you need help with payments!


Bonus: Set up aftercare messages, automatically!

Be sure to check out our Premium plans and take advantage of our powerful marketing tool- Smart Campaigns. You can use a Smart Campaign to send messages to your clients with specific aftercare instructions or a reminder to rebook after a certain period of time- you're in control! 

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