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You can easily schedule appointments right from PocketSuite. You only need a client and date/time to get them on the books and start getting paid. 

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Schedule a client:

To get started, go to the home screen. Tap Schedule.

First, hit Client to add an existing client (or their subaccount, i.e., pet, vehicle, or home profile) to the appointment or create a new one.

Then tap Services to add a service to the appointment. If you want to add more than one service to an appointment, be sure to toggle on
Multiple Services in Settings>Features.

Next, tap Availability & Staffing to pick a date and time for the appointment. You will be taken to a calendar view that can be filtered by team members or appointment duration. 

Important: Your team members must have their availability set up in their PocketSuite account to appear in this view and be scheduled for an appointment. 

Select an available time slot or team member. 


You can also book multiple appointment dates and times for your client at the same time. Simply select an additional time slot.


Pro Tip
: If you want this to be a recurring appointment, tap Repeat above the calendar to set your preference. Make sure you have
Repeat Appointments toggled on in Settings>Features.


Note: Time slots or team members will be greyed out if they're fully booked or have an appointment block. Simply tap on it if you want to see why you're not available and override or double book the time slot.


Next, add products to the appointment to earn extra income from retail sales. Make sure to have Online Products toggled on Settings>Features.

Now you can fill out or edit other details on the scheduling form, including adding discounts, adjusting notification settings, or attaching a form and contract. (Be sure to add a location if you want the appointment to show up in Map View on your calendar.)

When you’ve set all your preferences for the appointment, tap Next at the top of your screen. 

Hit Send to notify your client about the appointment or request confirmation. They’ll be sent an email or text message, depending on your settings.

And you’re all set!

Go to the calendar to view the appointment in one of six different calendar views. You can also schedule clients from the calendar. Learn more about our
Calendar here.


Video Setup:

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