Schedule Clients

You can easily schedule appointments right from PocketSuite. You only need a client and date/time to get them on the books and start getting paid. 

Setup and Schedule on Mobile:

To schedule a client, tap on schedule from the home screen.


At a minimum, to schedule, you can select the client and date/ time. You can also enter additional information - select service, price, confirmation status, contract, form, and more. Check out the screen shot for more details:



When selecting a date and time, you can set a specific time/date or scroll down the list and select a date and time. The duration will automatically pull in from the time listed in the services or you can manually update it here.



You can change how notifications are sent under the Send Via field. 


When you're all set, tap Next on the top right and send the appointment to your client. You can also save and come back to it later before sending to the client. 


Pro Tip: To add multiple services in one appointment, be sure to toggle "multiple services" under settings > features on. Learn more here.

Other Pro tip: If you want to do a repeat appointment, be sure to toggle "repeat appointments" under settings > features on. Learn more here.

Schedule on Desktop:

Take scheduling to the big screen with schedule client on desktop!

On the desktop homescreen > click on schedule client. From here, the setup of scheduling the client is the same as on mobile. 





Each section will have a selection of options shown as a pop-up window or drop down list. 


Once the appointment details are added, you can tap on "next" to review the appointment. 


From here, just like on mobile, you can tap send to send the appointment to the client or tap save to come back to it later before sending or to cancel. Once the appointment is sent, you will see a success screen with follow up options. 


Video Setup:

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